TrickleStar Motion Sensor Power Strip
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TrickleStar Motion Sensor Power Strip

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The TrickleStar 180SS-US-8XX avoids unnecessary power consumption. It offers motion sensor functionality, along with load sensing. As with other advanced power strips when the device that is plugged into the master outlet is turned off the devices that are plugged into the switched outlets will also turn off - automatically. What makes this different is that when no motion is detected in an area for more than 30 minutes the switched peripheral devices will turn off, delivering additional savings, and when motion is again detected the switched peripheral devices will turn back on. The power strip contains 8 outlets, consisting of 3 always on outlets, 4 switched outlets, and 1 master current-sensing outlet, along with the motion sensor. The always on devices remain on regardless of motion or whether the device on the master outlet is on or off. This advanced power strip also provides surge suppression, protecting connected equipment against threats like power surges and voltage spikes. It has a resettable 15 amp. circuit breaker and LEDs light indicator.

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